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Hello, Im Noah. I'm an Artist and want to make a living off it one day. And I hope you all enjoy my art!

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My friends finally convinced me, go check it out it guess.... https://www.tiktok.com/@noahartist411


Posted by NoahTheArtist - 2 weeks ago

So I'm trying to expand the things on My YouTube, Newgrounds, and more. I'm not sure if I want to say everything for now, but I will say what I feel like should be said for now.


I'm Trying to get commissions up soon and probably will have something like an etsy page for people who are Interested. I guess I will explain the Rules for anyone interested. No NSFW because I'm a minor and do not want to draw any of that, no hateful or offensive artwork (Racist, Homophobic, Sexist, Etc.), No Refunds or free artwork, and do not claim the art as your own.

More YouTube/Newgrounds Series

Now I already talked about My Idea for A Noah Multiverse Series but I have a lot more ideas that I will not talk about here for now. These will start production after I'm finished working on The Noah + Jedy Collab with JedyDrawsStudios.

TikTok and Social Media

Now I know what you guys are probably thinking. TIKTOK IS CRINGE, yeah even though I agree with most of you on that, friends and family told me I could get famous on Tiktok, and it took me some time to think about it I decided to finally make one. No, I didn't exactly make one YET, but it will be coming up soon, I'll probably edit this message to add a link to my Tiktok, same for my commissions. I'm also thinking of using My Twitter more, making a New Instagram Account, and making more Social Media accounts and stuff. Idk a subreddit maybe.


So my origins on the internet all start when I was a 4th Grader figuring out how to make a YouTube Channel and just doing for fun, but I was just another one of those weird YouTube kids making terrible art that has one dislike from some 14 year old. But I would Like to continue making Speedpaints with better art and better editing.

Game Reviews

So I was talking to a friend today and I was also discussing the idea of Expanding Myself on the Internet and they suggested I make Game Reviews, I liked the idea and I'm thinking of doing it in the future.

Now I'm Going to Sleep It's 1:53 AM and I got School Tomorrow so Goodnight

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Yeah, a discord is coming soon, nothin much but that

Posted by NoahTheArtist - August 22nd, 2021

About a month ago, I got a ps1. You guys got any game recommendations? Like early 3D platformers, RPGs, puzzle games, anything really.

Posted by NoahTheArtist - August 16th, 2021

So I'm someone that could forget something from just a week ago, but sometimes my brain remembers random things, and I just remembered one recently. So when i was a Toddler, my mom downloaded some app, It was some Lego Duplo branded game where these two characters, a Giraffe and a Bunny were having a picnic and they had think Pink Cake. When getting ready to eat the cake, some random animal took the cake from them. I would like to guess it was a racoon but I'm not sure, but I do remember it being gray. Then after the cutscene plays, you get thrown into the game. I remember it being really easy but I don't remember the actual Gameplay. Once you finally confront the animal, instead of taking back the cake like they should, they just share the cake with him. Pretty dumb ending if you ask me. I also remember playing it over and over again because of how short it was, which is probably why I remember it. Before I finish writing this I would like to show some photos from my research so far.iu_391159_8455107.webpiu_391160_8455107.jpg

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Me, Nitro, and Jedy are writing the 2nd episode. Without saying much we haven’t designed the world of the game that much. But we now have definitely developed a lot more of the world inside the NES. Mostly characters. Again I want to keep all this a surprise. Also one last update, I start my first day of school tomorrow, this doesn’t mean the other episodes are going to be delayed because they didn’t have a release date anyway. But they will become later then expected. -