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Hello, Im Noah. I'm an Artist and want to make a living off it one day. And I hope you all enjoy my art!

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so adobe shut down the program i used for art, which was adobe draw. When you open up adobe draw, it tells you to download Adobe Fresco but i haven't download it and because of that i haven't used it yet. But maybe there wont be much of a change but im also thinking of getting a drawing tablet soon so there also might be a change still. I've been doing a lot of art related stuff recently like looking at art collages like RingLing and CalArts. Also im going to start work on Episode 3 and 4 of the Noah + Jedy Collab sometime when school ends. I would like to do it sometime around now but my school gives me too much work to do so. Also when I get my Drawing Tablet eventually, im thinking of doing a full 90 minute film relating on the Broken Timeline idea i had instead of doing what i did with the collab and making separated episodes. And one last thing, I tried making a few video game mods on my shitty laptop but now that i have a gaming pc, i can now make the mods i wanted to and make them better than i could on my laptop. I was thinking of making mods of Sonic Robo Blast 2, Robo Blast 2 Kart, and FNF. But I'm going to do the funkin' mod when the full game comes out because of its modding support, and when the game becomes popular again. anyway thats basically it bye

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